Bangor Co. Down - a last look before the change?

Bangor town centre is due for a major revamp with most of the old seafront area due to be levelled and replaced with new plazas, gardens, shops etc. I though I’d grab a quick panorama of the area before it all changes.


I’d suggest you grab as many photos as you can, Paul. Both aerial and ground. Just boring pictures of shops, views along streets, daily life. Include parked cars and plenty of shots of people.

In ten, twenty, fifty years time people will look at them, remember that certain shop, see a car - “my dad drove one of those” or laugh at the weird clothes we wore in 2022.

Go for it!


Good idea Robert. I have plenty of photos of Bangor going back years, and more recently, drone and Osmo Pocket footage as well, all scattered around my hard drives. I’ll maybe gather them together in one place - you never know when they’ll come in handy. :smile:

I said this becaause I have spent a fair amount of time in front of the pc recently. I’ve started looking at collections of photos so that I can grab odd images for use elsewhere. This site has all sorts of stuff on it including pictures of Manchester a couple of years before I went there as a student. So it was a trip down nostalgia boulevard for me :slight_smile:

I followed it up to see Machester today via Google Earth and Street View. An afternoon well spent!

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I’ve been using those a lot the past few days. :smirk:

I love Google earth and Street view for same reasons, I love seeing pics before and after places I’ve lived or visited over the years being a military brat then being a brat to a soldier lol, I spent many hours doing the streets of Minden and West Berlin as it called before the wall came down,

I was there year before and year after the wall and that was something I will cherish.

@FatController love the Pano and seeing life, unfortunately being a CITY :crazy_face: have to move with the times :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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The town centre has been in a sorry state for years, while our local council dithered - they couldn’t run a bath. I’ll probably be pushing up daisies by the time they get it started never mind finished. :joy::joy:

My eldest son was top boss over housing in the Bangor few years back until he moved to Belfast and he loved the place and people and Bangor does have alot to offer and even he’s said many times it needs revamping.

Now here comes my younger cub he be all over the design, engineering, architecture and planning of the area. He travels the world on big engineering projects so Bangor be in good hands.

They must have got brains from there mum and looks from me :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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It will be good to see it change for the better. :+1: