Bank holiday Caton Moor

Bank holiday monday 28th December 2020


Thats done really well on the blades Steve, were they all running?

No. They were turning so slowly you could hardly tell.

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I dunno … :stuck_out_tongue:


… but, I did have to look hard for that one.

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Thanks for that Dave, :joy: :joy:

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A bit of photoshop and that “blemish” could be easily remove. :+1:

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I dreamt last night about flying my drone between the rotating blades!

I bet someone has done it!

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i did but they were turning so slow there wasn’t really a risk, :joy: :joy:


Been close a few times


Love this Chris! That must have been squeaky bum time on the tips of those blades :astonished: Was it manual flight or Litchi? Also how close was it to the tips? It looks like they almost brush the camera :smiley:

This was one of my first flighs with my P3A, I think it was a POI in GO looking at how relatively smooth the circle is.

I was stood almost below the turbine and remember thinking I had loads of room, then again maybe not. It was probably 10m clear

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Wow it looks closer than 10m. Great effect, not sure I’d have the balls to fly that close to the blades :grimacing: lol