BANNED! Countries where drones are banned or restricted

Found this in the DJI Forums. List is correct as of Dec 2017 but there are further updates in the thread Worth a look before you pack your drone for that great adventure abroad!.


And Bournemouth

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An interesting list!

Here’s my take on it as an “Are the rules flouted” basis …


Well, as someone who (unknowingly) “flouted the rules” in Ethiopia, I’d advise against it there! Unless, of course, you like to spend hours with officialdom in various dark and dingy airport offices. Both myself and my tour leader (who was amazing) were tenacious - judging by what resembled a DJI fire sale in one of the customs offices at Addis Ababa airport, I’m not sure everybody gets their drone back. Not because the authorities don’t want you to (as I’ve said, they were all very friendly and helpful), but because the “system”, if it exists, is a complete mystery to everybody.

Lalibela airport seems to be the problem. I guess they don’t want you flying above the rock hewn churches (perhaps it’s a UNESCO thing), but apart for St George’s (which would be good from above) they’re all covered by hideous UNESCO roofs, so there’s no point anyway.

Great list @Londroner.

Like @OzoneVibe, I’m a bit surprised by some countries - India in particular springs to mind, as does UAE - the amount of drone footage over the inter web from Dubai defies this info.

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Just back from Mallorca and looked at the Spanish rules before I left Plus the maps of where flying of drones is prohibited because of runways and military areas where yiu need a permit (most of Majorca!) is I didn’t bother. If going no to Spain check out the IcarusRPA app, which shows where you can and where you can’t.

However, went to one crowded location, an area where there were no bans, but where two young idiots got there drowns out on the pathways used by tourists and start flying them a few meters above people heads. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Had it been in the UK I would have said something for sure!