Barr Beacon War Memorial


practicing slow n low , and learning basic editing . orbits are getting a little easier with time on the sticks. :clap: All I have to do now is climb high :nauseated_face:

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Hi Laina,

What a coincidence, I was at Barr Beacon yesterday afternoon, flying around the memorial and taking a look over the reservoir just next door to it. :smiley:

Hi Parametric , blimey :grinning: yes met another guy up there last week , a member of grey arrows and mini 2 owner too , we had a nice lil chat about the mini 2 and I got jealous when he flew his really high up lol … loving this hobby I am though … .

Hi Laina,

I only received my drone (Mini 2) in August of this year, so I’m quite new to the hobby, and yes, I too love it. I have been into photography for many years now, so the drone is like have a camera mounted onto a universal super huge Tripod LOL. It has given me many more opportunities for taking pictures and videos, the obvious one being from above.
Being a member of this club (Grey Arrows) teaches and makes drone owners aware of things that they may not encounter until it’s too late, therefore helps to avoid getting into any trouble (or some trouble anyway). Plus there is a great deal of interesting information, and there is always someone that will help you out if you have any questions, everyone is of the same mindset - helpful.
Anyway, maybe I’ll see you out and about around the Midlands area sometime.
Keep in touch, and have fun!
Graham :smiley:


Hi Laina, Parametric,

I think I was the ‘other guy’ on the Beacon last week. It was good to meet you. Nice work at the memorial.

I’ve been playing around with the Mini 2 which is an amazing little drone. Completely new to it myself also. I bought mine out of curiosity and as a new way of recording some of the Morgan 3-wheeler trips and events I take part in. I was out on the Beacon this weekend exploring what the drone can do:

I would be very interested in either of your recommendations for other interesting places to fly local to here.


Hi Richard,

Nice videos and a very nice Morgan 3-Wheeler! I can see that you really enjoyed putting the Mini 2 through the ‘Quickshots’. What a great way of exhibiting your Morgan, great records eh?
By the way, did we cross paths at a Petrol Station near Betws-y-Coed on the 9th of October this year? It may not have been you, but I pulled into a petrol station near Betws-y-Coed on that Saturday and there was a Morgan 3-Wheeler in front of me, if it was you, I was the fellow that was admiring it whilst you were inside paying for your fuel. :smiley:

As for places to fly “Local to here”, have you check out Where can I fly my drone in the UK? - Drone Scene


Yeah, the quick shots are useful when you are very new to this. The drone itself knows how to fly far better than I do. I’m still exploring what it can do and I’m sure I will get the hang of it.

Not me on the 9th October - there are quite a few of us around.

Thanks for the Dorne Scene tip.

This might be a good location for a little meetup down the line, weekdays no good for me at the moment as working (dark when I leave, dark when I get home) maybe a weekend soon, although this weekend is defiantly off the cards looking at those wind speeds at ground level, let alone at 400ft!

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I’m in Ade - let me know when you are ready :smiley:

Hi Richard yes It is me who met you …Hello again! nice video ! … love the car too i’ts really cool
:sunglasses: …yes the drone is amazing I’m impressed with it, still wish I could have kept the MP zoom though .I’ve read on here that some go to the Walsall arboretum to fly, not sure where else yet as it’s just practice for me so far…happy flying !