Basingstoke Rail siding and flat's at night. (from a mini 2)

Got my Mini 2 and some strobes so thought about trying out a dabble of night shots.
Quality compared to my P3P is amazing. Just wish I could travel out further.
(should say I was piloting from my tower block’s car park)


Great night shots Sam! Love the 2nd image :+1:t2:

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These add the Night Flyer Badge to your profile. :+1:

Agree with that Steve. It is superb.

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2nd image is what used to be the old Barclay headquarters with festival place shopping centre in the background. Only wish they didn’t have as many bright lights on at night. Oh well.

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I disagree Sam. The image is balanced and the white lighting makes the tower block stand out. You have done a great job capturing that.

Lovely shot! I have just taken delivery of a Mini 2 (to join my M2P) and would be interested to know what camera settings you used to get such a sharp photo?


Honestly I just used auto settings nothing changed and no filters just take off and angle the drone. (did help it was a clear night though)


They are cracking photos mate, especially when you consider the size of the drone and the sensor on the front of it!


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I wish my P3P would do shots like that.

Advances in technology eh?

to right :laughing:

Absolutely stunning photos, As the weight below 250g can can fly above buildings)? although I have the Mavic 2 pro, I really fancy getting the mini 2 for throwing it in a backpack when out walking.
Also must get some strobes for the pro 2.

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Sweetbaboo99, you must let us know how it goes, I am thinking of getting a mini 2, to sit alongside the Pro 2.

Literally just updating the firmware and charging batteries up. Due to COVID it may be a while before I fly it but I am keen to see how the overall experience compares to that of the M2P. Really hoping that the two categories of aircraft and now having my A2CofC will encourage me to do much more with the drone capability than I ever ever fully utilised before.

Where are you based I’m in Reading great photos well done :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

I live in the tower block in the second photo just about 5 min from the rail station. And thanks

Impressive shots, really like them :clap::clap:

Very nice indeed.

Great photos :+1: