BAT001 Floating about near Headingley Stadium, Leeds

BAT001 Floating about near Headingly Stadium, Leeds

Showing on flightradar24 as per screenshot. Googling suggests its some kind of media/camera drone? I checked my DJI fly safe app and that particular bit of airspace where it is sat is just outside of the Headingly stadium exclusion zone but also has a maximum flight altitude of 60m whilst this guy is sat at 137m.

Anyone else know anything else?

Sure it’s the media drone for the cricket

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Would it not be sky sports camera drone as the Test match is on

You beat me too it

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That’s made up DJI shit though.

I think my missus beat us all to it. What kind of drone is it? A custom something with an ADS-B transponder built in

They’ve used mini blimps in the past