we have batcam out with us tomorrow they have a drone that does 80 min flight time with a 5 kg payload
should be interesting i will see if i can get some pics obviously not on what we are filming because of
Non Disclosure



They started with an inspire i did try to blag the x7 off it @PingSpike but they put it away and brought this one out

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Wow, what a piece of kit.
That looks expensive

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Fuuccck me - that’s a beast of a machine :scream:

You’re liable to lose a leg standing that close :rofl:

Damn… appreciate the thought, cash waiting :wink:


It was flying outside the flats in stockwell the amount of noise that it was making i half expected a broom to be launched out of a window at it lol it was close enough for a resident to bat it out the sky

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Thanks for the pics and vids @scorps - not every day you get to see something like that in action!

Comparing that to an Inspire with 18mins flight time on a 0.5Kg payload, it is a simply mind blowing stat… :see_no_evil:

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That’s the medium sized drone lol they have one that takes a 20 kg payload they said


What type of camera is that slung beneath it?

(Other than effing large and effing expensive. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Dont know Dave they changed it twice i did see it was an Arri so probably an alexa mini but in that case you could only see the back we had two units and i was flittering between the two so didn’t have much of a chance to chat to them someone from the camera dept did say to me he asked how much their drones cost and got a answer of 70 grand how true that is i don’t know ,i do know Arri alexa mini camcorders used fetch about 44 grand so probably not to far out of the ball park


I bet you don’t hand catch that one, what a beast.