Battery Charger B6 PRO - [NOW SOLD]

A basic charger capable of LiPo, Li-Ion, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH, Lead acid cells/battery packs
Performs balance charging (safest way) also storage level etc.
Will handle 1S to 6S packs

Similiar to (but a previous version) to this…

Price £15
Collection from Nuneaton CV11 or I will ship for £3.50 (UK mainland)

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Wasnt Nalin @uduwawalan looking for a lipo charger Steve?

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Yep, told him :+1: :laughing:

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I need a charger, Steve. Don’t have one and now I have 6S batteries with the new quad I am building. I guess this will do being that it has a XT60 connector?

Hi Chris, I’ve replied to your DM :+1:

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Hi Steve,

Is this sold? if not can I have it please ( if it charges all the different batteries I received with the package)? thanks.

Hi Nalin,
Still available and yes it will charge all the batteries on your new toys :+1:
Just pay with the same PayPal id as previous and I’ll ship it out to you

Thank you
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

HI Steve,

Thanks for the responses. Ill have both.

Being cheeky here now. If we ship both together will the shipping be cheaper you think?

HI Steve,
Also you say the charger doesn’t have a power lead. Would you have one knocking around? or can you please tell me what I can get. Sory for being a nuisance. it’s best to ask you for a single answer than I mess round googling and getting the wrong thing. Hop you understand. Thanks.

I’ll make sure you have an input lead that clips to a car battery or similar,
For the output, the battery being charged plugs straight into the charger BUT it is more convenient to have some extension leads and it also reduces wear and tear on the charger connectors so I’ll include a set of those as well for you.
Therefore let’s keep both carriage charges in, they aren’t that expensive :slightly_smiling_face:

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HI Steve,

Sorry I meant the power supply. Since the charger doesn’t come with a power supply, I need to get one? So if I know what to look for. Apologies for all the questions. I am jut feeling my way around on this. Once I have all the bits then I can get some idea on how to hook it up. I am trying to fill al the minimum bits so I can hook them altogether. Thanks.

Yeah a lot of chargers don’t come with a power supply (including this one). So you need to find 12V (normally, some can take more), PSU with the right connector for the charger (mine are XT60 connectors, like the batteries/drone). Some chargers DO take dual AC/DC input, and some come with a separate Power supply.

In a way makes sense as I can take the chargers onto the field with a large 12V (car/leisure) battery, and use them, without taken an AC power supply with me (which add weight and no 240V outlets in the middle of fields/bandos)… Then at home have a power supply that takes 12V (I actually use an old computer PSU for my “bench” power!)

It can be confusing, but does have some logic behind it. I can’t comment on the charger above, as mine are more modern versions. I have 3 chargers, 2 are single output, and 1 is a dual AC/DC 2 output one (i.e. two batteries at a time).

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SKYRC eFUEL 200W Power Supply - Unmanned Tech UK FPV Shop (

I have a 12v car leisure/ battery used for my astro gear and if I cn use it fine as long as the charger takes the standard barrel connector etc. If not I’ll have to get one of the above but it’s rated at 18v if I am not mistaken.

If the ratings are the same as the one linked by steve then, it’ll take up to 18. ( for the record mine take 10-30V in).

Yes, I have used a laptop power supply in the past, also an old cased PC power supply works well.
This charger takes input voltage of 11-18vDC
If you don’t have anything suitable already I can include a suitable laptop power supply for £7.50

More info …

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Manual download here

I have a lot of laptop power supplies at home and that’s great. I may have to ammend the connector jack I suppose.?

Anyway I will trransfer the funds in the evening today. Thanks

Now sold, thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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@uduwawalan @group-fpv

Hi, anybody new to LiPo charging for FPV might find this useful