Battery Confusion

Quick question, looking at some new batteries and was wondering would I get more flight time out of a 660 2S or a 650 3S or are they the same ???

Rather confused :woozy_face:

What battery are you using at the moment?

Power = amps x volts
2S has max voltage of 8.4v
3S has max voltage of 12.6v

So for a given amp/hour capacity a 3S has 50% more power. So will fly longer AT SAME SPEEDS, ACCELERATION, PUNCHOUTS etc.

The 3S will weigh 50% more but not a dramatic effect on flying time reduction.

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Its for my micro whoop so 3S 450, but I only get 2 to 3 mins out of them

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660 very marginally, not much difference in the real world :man_shrugging:t3:


Sorry Steve you’ve answered my Q above 3S it is :+1:t3:

Was having a moment :man_facepalming:t3:

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Iv gone for some 3S 720 there 14g heavier the my 3S 450’s not a bad trade off I think…

A good tune and less aggressive props will help with flight time.

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Of course not all FC, ESC or even motors will be happy at 3S. They may only be rated for 2S. Check your specs before risking blowing stuff up!

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I’m using 3S at the mo 450 hence Iv just brought bigger ones for a little more flight time.

I understand the weight to power ratio but I’m only 14g heavier and to be fair Iv used a 850 on it before, a lot slower but it carried it ok…


But as you increase the cell count you also need to subtract the universal constant of reckless fun.:crazy_face:, which cancels out the increased flight time .

As previously mentioned, do not use a higher total voltage than your motors and electronics are rated for. (Or you are headed for BigBangsville USA !)

When you put batteries in series, you add up the voltages, but the total Ampere-hour capacity is the same a single cell.
(You must be using the same Ah capacity cells, or the lowest one will over-discharge and be destroyed.)

When you put batteries in parallel, the voltage stays the same, but the total Ampere-hour capacity is added together.
(It is possible to use different Ah capacity cells together, if they are the same voltage.)

Make sure you understand the difference between Battery Capacity and Battery Voltage.

If you did not pay attention at school, read the Wikipedia articles so that you know the (very important) difference between Energy and Power.

(Most people don’t.) (The energy capacity of a battery is measured in Joules or kWh (Kilowatt-hours))

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