Battery discharge (Mavic Air)

Does anybody know why my batteries discharge quite quickly? I fully charged two. About 2 weeks later, I took my AIR out and they were both at about 55% ? They were original new units. One came with the drone and the other also new was delivered at the same time.

Neither have had more than 10 charge cycles in the months I’ve had the kit. I spotted something about auto discharge. Could that be it? Quite annoying, but if it is, I suppose its to keep the batteries healthy.

Thanks in advance for answers!!

The batteries are designed to auto dis-charge after a pre-determined time.
This time span can be set via the Go4 App.
After this time they will go into auto dis-charge mode.
You should really never store them at full charge all the time, without using them.

As Chris said it’s auto discharge to protect the cells.
LIPO’s don’t like being left with high charge.

Default timer is 10 days and resets every time you press the power button.

If you know your going out in a few days press the power button briefly and it will stop it discharging.

Thanks gents. That’s a relief. Good to know about the reset too.

@chrisjohnbaker I don’t think you can set the time limit for the Air… I could be wrong though, do you know where in the Go4 app the setting is? I have looked for it in the past but never found it

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I don’t have the faintest. I’ll be doing some Google Fu.

Unless you know??

You can’t change disharge time on mavic 2 so wouldnt surprise me if Air was the same.

With the information you gave me, I’m happy as is. It’s just a pity that it takes quite a while to charge up. I guess the settings should be about right from DJI for the battery life Vs safety.

Good to know the kit is okay.

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You get used to it and saves you damaging your batteries by storing them at high charge for extended periods.

If they do start discharging you might notice they are warm. It’s completely normal, nothing to worry about.

The batteries start to auto discharge after 10 days. You could set the time that they start from (off the top of my head) 2 to 10 days on your tablet when it’s connected to the controller and aircraft on the original Mavic Pro, the air might be slightly different, either way, they will auto discharge after 10 days to protect the batteries and give them a longer life, by forcing you to charge them up, thus stirring up the chemicals inside the batteries.
I believe they will auto discharge to about 30%.

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The setting is on your tablet screen when you connect it to the controller and aircraft. It’s in the ‘battery’ icon section (where it gives all the details about your battery health) and has a drop down menu which you can specify the number of days to start a discharge, this does not apply to the MP 2 only the original Mavic.

There is no way to alter the discharge time on the Mavic Air I’m afraid,


If I’d picked up a warm battery without knowing this I would probably have binned them right away. I’ll be better at storing them now though. Thanks for all your help everyone.


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