Battery Life Mini 3 Pro

Evening all.
I’ve taken the drone up a few times now in C mode and I’m not getting anywhere near the 30 minutes plus flight time. I understand it’s been less than perfect flying conditions, but what flight time should I expect to get per battery. TIA.

20 to 25 max

I’m short of that maybe 15 minutes, I’m charging with a 25W charger until my 30W comes’ but letting the batteries charge fully, could this affect the battery life?

The batteries take some conditioning, a few charges and discharges to get up to capacity

The charger will not matter other than taking longer

What was the takeoff % and landing %

Are the batteries new

Everything is brand new out the box, 4 green lights on both drone & controller at take off. Controller still on 3 green. Drone returned home twice due to low battery level. Maybe a few charges will level them out. Thank you for your advice.

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Get yourself a free airdata account and you can track it properly ;o)