Beach flights


Providing there are no flight restrictions in place over a beach and the beach is quiet (no assembly of people), is the beach considered public and free for TOAL?

Thanks, Darren

Hi Darren,

As with a lot of things drone related, it depends.

There is specific permission to fly on Crown Foreshore and Estuary areas (in the absence of any other restriction that might prevent you from flying). As a full GADC member you can find these aread marked on Drone Scene.

There is also a thread discussing a specific area of foreshore, but it covers a lot of the principles, here: The Crown Estates clarification! Foreshore & Estuary areas - #10 by callum


Thanks Earwig. I’ve read the thread you provided a link to and found it useful.

Just to explain the scenario. I’m down on the south coast tomorrow and have some time to kill, so I looked for interesting places that I might fly. There’s a place called Calshot Castle that I’d like to get some footage of. It’s on a spit of land, some of which looks like private property. However, there is also a beach to the side. Calshot Castle is an English Heritage site, so they’ll not be pleased if I TOAL on their property. There are no flight restrictions in place over the area, and I’m flying a Mini 3 pro, so sub 250g.

From the research that I’ve done, it seems to me that there is a right to access the foreshore, but I want to make sure I’m on safe ground.

Thanks, Darren

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Update: I just checked the Crown Estate foreshore map, and see that the area I’m intereested in is owned by the Estate, so I think that means I’m OK to fly it.

Site search brings up some nice reading ;o)

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Thanks Chris. Hadn’t thought to do a search. As you say, lots of good reading there. I appreciate the tip.

Best wishes, Darren


Having looked at drone scene you look good to fly apart from an SSI so taking off from the beach should be ok.