Bedfordshire and Cornwall

Hi all. A couple of videos from my recent flights. Please excuse my jittery shots and rubbish video editing, I’m still learning in both respects.

Delabole Slate Quarry -
Cardington Hangars -

If you edit your post to have the YT URL on its own line (no spaces before/after) it will automatically create the embedded player. :+1:

It won’t let me edit the original post. I’ll try again here:

Delabole Slate Quarry

Cardington Hangars


Indeed - there’s a 15min window for editing.

Re-post is perfect! :+1:

Nice videos, but someone seriously needs to do something about the cars in that second video, those speeds are just not safe on a minor road!

Right next to the DVSA Training HQ, too. Probably their employees? :laughing: