Beginner's luck?

I watched this video to get me started. (The Ender menus are slightly different now.)

I tried two slicers. PrusaSlicer didn’t seem to have a TPU setting but Ultimaker Cura did, so I used that.

First print.

Second print.

I made a thing! :grin:

It’s an extremely snug fit, but that’s no bad thing. My vernier calipers have gone missing (along with my 25m 4-gang extension reel) at just the wrong time, and measuring curvy things with a straight-edged rule is not the best.


Its only a matter of time now, Im fighting the urge as we speak lol

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Looks good that mate :+1:

The same as most things in this hobby!

I was expecting a shit-show and hours of test runs to get settings right. I hope it’s not a fluke. :roll_eyes:

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:thinking: Pride before a fall?


More than likely. :+1:


I’ve had my 3D printer, a Monoprice Mini, for a few years but I’ve yet to print with TPU. I bought a small roll of TPU a couple of months ago but I need to print some mods for the printer first to use TPU.

And the primary reason for the TPU purchase is to print a mount for a 360Go.


I used the PLA settings in prusa slicer but adjusted the temperature to suit TPU and saved it as a custom profile worked a treat. Don’t believe everything it says on the internet… it says an ender 3 cant print tpu because its a bowden extruder and you need a direct drive for tpu BULLSHIT! :grin:

Ive printed TPU just fine on my ender 3.

Print Example:

The main thing with TPU is keep it super dry! I print mine straight out of a 50 degree dry box. And buy decent TPU I use Esun TPU its a bit more expensive but prints so much better than the cheaper stuff :+1:t2:

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Fortunately, I didn’t read that on the Internet. It seems to be managing perfectly well. I’m going to have a house full of plastic tat in no time. :rofl:

Oh yes thats a given!