Ben Lawers & Loch Tay : Scotland

Short video filmed from various locations around the beautiful Ben Lawers & Loch Tay. Hope you enjoy.


Looks really stunning and you have taken some great shots

Thank you. I worked up that way all of last year and stayed in a caravan nearby. One of the best periods of my life and I miss it.

Great video, and a stunningly beautiful part of the world. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Beautiful, Scotland is really nice.

Thank you

Yeah i know can imagine with all those lovely sites. Do you think you will ever go back therexagain to work or visit for pleaure

Yes I’ll definetly be back up that way for a visit.

Bet you cant wait to go back again can you

Absolutely. The benefit of working & living in the area is that I got to know a lot of places visitors never get to see.

Yeah i bet to be honest which is really good. Bet youbwent out exploring quite a bit when you could. Did you put any spots on drone scene?

I’m not really sure how to put places on drone scene.

I have never added one myself but i thi k if you go on drone scene and click on the burger (3 lines) in top right hand corner then there is an option for Add Location. But if you have any issues i am sure someone on here will help you out

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Thanks John. Managed to figure it out and have added a few locations now.

No worries Kev you are more than welcome. Glad that you managed to get it sorted :slight_smile: