Bennerley Viaduct meetup 18/10/20

Hi all.
I’m looking to go to Bennerley Viaduct next Sunday because I had so much fun last Sunday.
This time I won’t have to leave early for shopping :wink:

The bikes and quads should be there for photos, chasing, time lapse’s etc.
Nice graffiti to photograph under the bridge, and a wind turbine to dive / ‘hit the gap’ :laughing:

It’s a chance to get out and meet like minded people. PLUS, Bennerley Viaduct is classed as a monument lol (competition?).

Everyone welcome. If you need directions, let me know on this thread. There is a 10 min downhill walk from the car park. (Then up hill on the way back (Don’t worry @Steviegeek, I can ferry you back to your car))

Guys, It’s a great area to fly, no one to bother you except interested people.

Disclaimer… if more than 6 people turn up, we’ll technically have two or more groups. I think. The bloody rules keep changing.

Would love to see @DeanoG60 put the trousers on and tell his misses “I’m off out” :rofl:
And @Wyntrblue @evilbobbins @JohnP, you’ll have a blast.


I’ll see what I can do! :rofl:

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Although the competition ends on Saturday at 23:59.

Still you will be able to have nice gentle flights with none of that nasty FPV nonsense, photographing the pretty autumn colours or gentle rivers or the peaceful night … :slight_smile:

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I might pop over. What time were you thinking?

Not sure yet. 11 or 12 ish for a few hours?

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I might be able to make it.
Which car park do you use?

… never mind, I found it in your previous post!
Doh! :thinking:

:+1: It can get full on a Sunday as it’s only small. I’m sure you’ll find a space.

@Cagey @PunchyPariah @Steviegeek Looking at 11am in the car park if that’s allwight with you guys?

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I’m only a 15 minute walk away, so providing nothing comes up with work I’ll see you there.

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It sounds good to me.
I might meet you at the site, as I will probably walk from home rather than take up the limited parking space!
I only live about a mile from the viaduct.

Best regards,


Steve and I will be there in ten minutes if anybody is coming

No can do sorry guys. Painting a bloody fence thanks to not getting furloughed as well as the lack of fence paint in the shops ment that I couldn’t do it in summer :rage:

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Thanks to @Steviegeek @Cagey for coming today. Always great to meet new faces. :+1: :+1:

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@notveryprettyboy, @Steviegeek :+1:

Great to meet you guys!
I enjoyed the meet.
Hopefully we will be able to met up again soon :grinning:


It’s hard chasing something and doing it cinematic. But it’s definitley something I want to get to grips with cos it’s so much fun. 120fps slowed down.

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Awesome Flying there Karl! Great effect slowing down the footage! :ok_hand:t2:

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Cheers Deano. Need to get closer next time! And some cinematic rotations.

Excellent Karl, love the slow bits :clap: :clap: