Bennerly Viaduct 27/02/2021


always a good spot to drone :slight_smile:

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I was going to fly there today as it’s only a 5 min drive away for me. It would have been my first time flying at Bennerly. Instead, I opted to fly in a park local to me and ended up upsetting the natives. My flying session ended up with some guy yelling and shouting abuse/swearing at me. Next time I’m going to go to Bennerly. :cry:

some people are c**ts see i wanna fly at bennerly as same for me its bout 5 mins down road haha! should tell tthe guy to look up drones etc haha

He told me the police were on the way. He wasn’t the sort of person you can reason with. Made me laugh as he was yelling at me stood in his dressing gown.

hahah what would the police do except tell the guy to shut up an go back in side haha

That’s what I assume they would say. I’m sure I was flying within the drone code as I only have a Mavic Mini.

Nice video tonyw. Hopefully we will get to meet after this madness is over.

Yes, it looks like we live close to each other, I’m in Aspley.

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Yeah that is close, I’m over in Nuthall.

Nice video :+1:t2: Enough room there for fly under and reverse pan out :sunglasses: as for the dressing gown warrior :roll_eyes:


BTW did you hang around to chat with the police?

Nah, he was very bombastic and angrily said wait there. At this point he was the other side of a security fence and as I didn’t want to be face to face with him. I packed up, not quickly, and left.

:joy: case the dressing gown came off :scream::joy::joy:


OMG!!! :nauseated_face:

The shouty aggressive ones are the easiest to deal with, it’s the quiet serial killer types you need to worry about

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I’m quite new to this, I’m not brave enough for the fancy flying yet. Just feeling secure enough to send it a bit of a distance without panicking about losing connection.

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:+1:t2: slow and steady. As long as RTH is set, in the unlikely event of connection fail, the drone should come back and once back in range will reconnect or land. :sunglasses: goes a fair distance before signal loss.

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Don’t ever forget, your standard response to anyone that says this:

Tell them to hurry up, I’ll only be flying here for another hour or so!

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Aye, he also said he had something on under the dressing gown… wait there till I come round :joy: :athletic_shoe::dash: RUN! :running_man:‍♂

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im in stapleford :slight_smile: