Bergen morning evening and night in one shot

Please look at and comment on my first published YouTube drone video. This is Bergen taken over 3 days and I’ve edited it to a cinematic score. It’s only 4­­½ minutes long. I’ve tried to make the transitions from day to evening to night work as one shot, please let me know how I did - I’m really quite new to video editing, but even my daughter was enthusiastic with the result. Can you work out how I got the shots for different times of day so similar? I used a Mini2 so the night shots are probably not as good as a Mini3, but I like them. Any advice would be appreciated, and of course praise if it’s due!


Litchi is perfect for this

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@Timsharp03 ….well I think it’s very clever :+1:t2:

Yes that’s right, I set up a Litchi mission and ran it several times. At least the Mini 2 can do something the Mini 3 can’t do yet! Thanks for the comments. And to the moderators, sorry I didn’t put it in the correct category to start with.

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Hi Tim, did you need any permission to fly in Bergen? if so, what were they… I’m in Bergen October time so would like to take my Mini SE… Thanks

Hi. I checked the drone rules before I set off and they are quite similar to the UK. No permissions needed - I checked the no fly zones on the FlyApp before any mission and made sure I kept well clear and clear of people. I carefully planned the Litchi missions at home before we set off, verifying them on Google Earth which gave me confidence that they would work. I did find that one of them (the Floyen flight) was a bit ambitious as it went too far down the mountain, obscured by trees, so I cut it down a bit before flying it. I didn’t have any problem at all when flying, some people were interested in the drone, no-one was even remotely hostile, always friendly. If you would like, I can give you the locations of the take off points I used as they were all quiet, slightly out of the way places that had good views of the flight paths. I could also forward on my Litchi Missions if you would like to try them out.

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I liked that, videos like this make me want to try some video instead of my usual photography, well done :clap:

Thanks. I’ve had a lot of constructive criticism of the video so have posted an update after re-edit. One of the criticisms was that it was too long, but I’ve kept it the same length (4.5 minutes) to respect Scott Buckley’s song. I am currently taking photos and videos of a building site a mile away from where I live - using a Litchi mission to repeat it every couple of weeks. It will be interesting to see what I can do with them when the houses are all finished.
The re-edited Bergen clip is:

Some nice shots there like has been said, great colours. Give a go of layering them in your post soft, then changing opacity whilst coming into the next clip, I’ve done it with night and day clips, looks good, nice and smooth. Have a look on YouTube for a tutorial, it’s dead easy, with great results.
Also like said, Litchi is good for repeating flights at different times of day👍

Thanks for the update… Sounds straight forward and planning is clearly the key… If you could send me the take off points that would be really useful… I don’t use Litchi, maybe I should!
Thanks again

Thanks for the information. I wanted the sudden change from day to night as I thought it was dramatic, but I’ll have a try at transitions and see how it goes

Hi Sasrob

I’ve got links to the nearest google street view photos to the take off points:

This is a pier just near our hotel. It has parking on it but was pretty quiet every time I went there. This is where I flew the 3 identical missions around the harbour - perfect for this and for Nordnes because you can see it all from here and no-one took any notice of me there. Note this is near a NFZ for a very small military site, so go right to the end of hill near the sea (i.e. where you come to the top of the steps to the big flat grass area) and make sure you fly away from the NFZ.
This is where I took off for the clips to the North over Skuteviken - the clips with the boat almost landing, then coming away again. The steps up to that point start from the street below - At the top of the Floyen funicular, it’s quite a busy place, but I found this bit with the benches quiet an the late evening for my flight. ulriken
Another busy place when we went there, but there are lots of walking paths all over the mountain and I found fairly flat bit off one of them and again no-one bothered me.

Google Maps This spot is beside St Johns Church. I went to the side of it (just past where the white van is parked in the google image) and no-one was there at all.

Google Maps This is a spot right at the end of the Nordnes peninsular, a little walkway to a pier - an ideal launch point There are lots of places that look like good take off points within the Fortress grounds.

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Creative idea thanks for sharing what software did you use to do editing, could I suggest possibly using a soft fade out between each faze of clip, the transition between day, dusk and night will be easier on the eye and not an instant snap. still a great piece and thank for sharing

Thanks Dren. I am retired and have to be careful with money, so I use Videoproc for editing as it’s free. This is my first properly edited video (I’ve done a bit of splicing together family video but not proper editing before), so I’m very pleased that I haven’t been derided for my efforts. I need to start looking at colour grading next! I’m currently doing a similar but shorter video for Stavanger, and I am adding in scene transitions, so I will go back and do the same for the Bergen one when I have time.