Best 3D printer

You won’t want the Ender 3 then, considering how long it’s been on the market :cry:

Don’t be afraid to reply to / bump an existing topic btw, I’m sure those owners are still here and can still advise on modern stuff :+1:t2:

Their are many other, like the Ender 5 or 5 pro or Creality Cr10 Pro V2 and now they have released the ender 6 … so many since the Ender 3 it is a bit of a minefield…

Seems its never ender ing.

I’ll get me coat.


I’ve got a Dremel 3D45
Works well. I use Cura and Auto desk and Fusion 360 and Tinker Cad.

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Yes I seen one of those on ebay, they are not cheap , their over a thousand pound and look cool,
one recently sold for £250.00 that needed repairing…

Thanks @speatuk

Yeah I got it for just under a grand in the Boxing Day sales. It is essentially(to a point) plug and play. It’s a massive heavy lump. I now buy cheaper filament and transfer it over to the dremel empty spools. Works a treat. Built some cracking stuff.
Everyone normality starts off with the benchy this was my first ever print.
The Throne for Game of Thrones.

Turned out pretty well.


That’s awsome…Excellent piece of kit…Excellent detailing.

Oooooh, I’ve sussed it out now. That’s quite a poor print, too much stringing. I didn’t have enough retraction dialed in.
I haven’t cleaned it up just to remind me how poor it was at printing. Amazing now.

When you get one, get some hardened steel nozzles. The brass ones don’t last 2 minutes if your printing with harder stuff, carbon fibre or the coloured stuff etc.

Well worth it. Whatever you get, I’m sure you will be amazed at how good and how convenient they are.
When you get your head around how to design and make stuff. It’s a wow moment. From an idea to a thing in your hands. I just wish I had one of these years ago.


I am still amazed at what people make from software to a hard object… I am definately hooked…


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You will be when you are doing it yourself.

I opened my curtains the other and bust a clip.

Hmmm now they are all made out of PTEG all of them every window. Lol.
I’ve made and replaced all the string holders for the blinds. Beefed en up too. They are ace mate.

Made a 2 x battery holder for the Mini(2) with a belt clip the other day. Coz I can lol.


@speatuk That’s brilliant, different mindset when you have a printer …

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You’ve obviously been onThingiverse that’s a good start.
Also try Yeggi then there is Voronator. You can change some very cool stuff to look even cooler on there.

Don’t know if this is the right thing to say?
I hope this gets under your skin as it has under mine. Lol


Its getting under my skin now … always on the back of my mind …


Just wait until you are avidly looking at stuff and thinking :thinking: hmmmmm I could do that to that and then it would be able to do this and if I did that to this then I could make it stronger.
Then there is the I could make that for this.

I’ve just made some some yagiuda’s for my mini1 and 2.
2.4ghz and 5.8ghz.
Thing is you end up then looking at why things are made that way and this then leads you to education of something you had never even thought about. But then you look around and think wow, now I understand why, with reference to the yagiuda, why tv antennas are the design and shape they are.

Brings on a whole new insight to things.
This is the type of guy I am though. I do my homework. Never jump at the first thought.

You’ll love it.

I have just purchased these , which i could of made if i had a 3d printer.

They work well too…

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I’ll not tell you how much they cost to make.
They do work well, I printed them.


Ender 3 is still an excellent printer for build size and price…I have 12 3d printers, two of which are original ender 3’s (when they first came out) and they’re still printing daily.
If you want bigger the cr10s pro v2 is also excellent.
Sure you can buy more expensive but in my experience the end result isn’t always better, my raise 3d was 2500, its dialled in but the results are the same as my prusa which was a quarter of the price


And I thought @Nidge had a problem… :grimacing:


I bought a CTC all wood frame, I was able to print some really good bits. I’ve recently bought the metal chassis version QIDI Tech off eBay with only 2Hr use on it. It’s great for small hobby parts that I design, I’m in the process of fine tuning to print a drone in PETG.

Here is a test print for strength rather than looks…:grin: