Best Android tablet to use with Mavic Pro or Mavic 2?

Hi all,
Having had use of a Mavic Pro for a while, that belonged to someone else, complete with a spare iPad of theirs, I’ve now had to hand them back. (long story…)
I’m intending to buy a second-hand Mavic of my own in the new year, and would like to use a tablet with it. Can’t afford an iPad. Can you experienced people out there recommend a reliable Android tablet to buy for it? I’m looking at the Black Friday sales and thinking of getting one now.

Huawei MediaPad T3 8 inch.

Does the job perfectly, & I got one off fleabay a few months back, brand new, in a sealed box, for less than £90.


I use a ipad pro 12.9 is what I use, or my Samsung s8

Got a 2019 samsung tab 8 inch with a matte screen protector,works great!!

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite 8.0

Been using this for about a month now, no issues. Lightweight, great screen, great spec.

OK, thanks all, looks like no particular favourites. Actually a great help, very reassuring as I don’t have any Android experience.

Sony Xperia Z2 (XGP512) (Ipad Size), should be able to pick a second hand one up fairly cheap these days for around £70-£80.

If you can live with just having 2.4GHz WiFi, and on a budget, then the Teclast P80X is very reasonably priced. It’s has a bright 8inch HD screen, Octo-Core processor, runs on Android Pie, 32GB of storage, built in GPS, accepts a SIM for 4G Data, all for about £80-£90 off Amazon. I had one for a short while but ended up returning it as it didn’t have 5GHz WiFi (802.11ac) which is something I rely on. Though it ran the DJIGo4 App seamlessly as well as other drone related applications.
It’s also quite light weight and so you’re not fighting with an out of balance controller or stressing the mount, as I was with my iPad.

I ended up choosing a Huawei M5Lite8. It is twice as much as the Teclast but the build quality is far superior and it has the much needed, in my case, 802.11ac, and surprisingly it’s not locked to the European standards. This also has built in GPS, a super bright screen, a rock solid WiFi connection (still connects in areas where my iPad refuses to), and fantastic battery life. I currently use this tablet with a bunch of different drones applications - DJI, Parrot, Simtoo, Pix4D, - as well as my Pixhawk/APM, iNav, and Betaflight builds. Also great as an analog FPV screen using an OTG receiver. It wasn’t my original intention but it also outperforms my iPad when controlling my digital modelling guitar amplifier. Again a light weight device.



I’ve been using an Acer 10.1" tablet with the P4 but that’s a bit big for the Mavic, I’ll be using a Sony Z1 with the Spark when it comes

do any of these have HDMI output?

The only tablet I know of with dedicated HDMI out is the Shield K1.

A shame it’s not a feature on modern tablets.

Would really have liked to use my FPV goggles with M2P and Disco.

Not been a master of the dark arts that is Android can you not USBC to HDMI like I do with my Nintendo Switch ? I’m sure when I bought my cable for said job tablet compatibility was listed.

Yes you can mate but if your using the USB-C for HDMI you cant also connect to drone.


Like mine

HDMI Type C Hub Adapter for Nintendo Switch,HDMI Converter Dock Cable for Nintendo Switch,Black

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That would be incredible if it worked.

I’m sure I read somewhere that android could only do one or the other.

I’ll need to do some googling.

Cheers :+1:

Worth a try, as I say the switch one allows me to connect it to a TV and charge using the adapter, through the one USBC port

I use it for the kids on holidays, saves all the digging at the back of the TV to unhook the Switch dock.

These (the Huawei T3 8") do seem to be readily available on Ebay now for even less than you paid, around £45-£65. Is yours a useful tablet in other ways, email, browsing etc? I have a 7-year-old iPad2 (the original larger size) that’s deperately slow these days, despite doing a factory reset and starting over again with it.

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Yes it is, I’ve actually started using it in preference to my elderly iPad - it’s faster & the battery lasts a great deal longer. In fact my wife has just bought one to replace her iPad!!


Just bought one on Ebay for £50. We shall see! Thanks all, for all the suggestions and advice.

Any lag on the m5 lite 8" ?