Best iPad/mobile app for AEB/HDR merging photos

Hi all,

Strictly speaking this is a non-drone question I suppose, but I was just looking for some pointers on a good mobile app to use for merging photos taken on AEB mode.

I use Lightroom on the iPad to edit my photos on the go, but it doesn’t have this function. All recommendations warmly received!

I am pretty sure Snapseed does this …

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I think SnapSpeed can only apply a faux HDR filter to a single image, as opposed to merging three or more individual photo’s into one HDR image.

Correct. I’ve had a look at Snapseed and although it does have a double exposure menu option for creating visual effects it doesn’t seem to have the ability to merge three differently exposed photos for a higher dynamic range.

Shame, because otherwise Snapseed is a great little app.

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True. It’s my goto APP for quick tweaks when editing on my phone.

I always use Lightroom does a fantastic job for me