Best place for a new Mavic 2 battery?

Hi all,
Looking to get a 3rd or perhaps even 3rd and 4th battery for my Mavic Zoom. Any recommended deals, discounts etc?

DJI price fixing prevents any kind of competitive pricing whatsoever :pensive:

Hence they’re £129 wherever you look.

I’d check out Quidco et al and see who’s offering the best cashback deals for Argos, Curry’s, etc.

Thanks Rich. I didn’t know that about the price fixing…

Any friends work at Argos or John Lewis ?

20% staff discount

Heliguy sent me an email to say they have got a sale on at the moment advertising 50% off SOME items but I doubt it applies to most DJI stuff although I think there may be some DJI stuff a bit cheaper so worth a look.

'fraid not. No friends!

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Thanks John. I got the same email. They have a Mavic Enterprise battery but no Mavic 2s. It’s a few items that nobody wants that are 50% off!


Bought 2 batteries for my M2P at the end of August about 4 days apart. Delivery was a bit slow and both arrived at the same time about 2 weeks later.the first was about £105 the second had a 10% discount so cost £95. Delivery included. The firm was Tecobuy

Hope this helps

Thanks David. I’ll have a look. That’s a good discount.

just checked a couple of days ago. They are selling for £100 reduced from £105 with a special discount.

They are also selling the flymore packages at a big discount as well


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Be careful…


Hi Ned
I agree any price that is unbelievable is probably because it is. I needed 2 batteries and found this site. It was the only one offering a good discount. I decided to test it so I ordered one battery and waited. All the responses were as you would expect from a well functioning site and I monitored the tracking. When I received a notification from the independent courier about 3 days later I knew at least I would receive something. I placed the second order at that point which attracted an additional discount. The final courier in the UK was the Post Office and after a week I received both items. I checked the data on the battery chips for manufacturing etc and synchronised them with them my drone successfully. Neither the packaging nor the battery nor the data indicated they were not genuine batteries or had been recycled in any way. I have recharged them about 6 times each and can confirm the endure about the same time as original battery. I do not fill in endorsements and all I can tell you is my own experience which I have listed here. I often reference Trust Pilot but am aware there reviews are sometimes gamed and I treat them with the same caution as the companies I buy from. All I can do is give you honest information and then you can make your own decision. I would buy from them again based on my experience. Their delivery is slow compared with UK stocked suppliers but I reasoned at the time that they imported on demand which explained the long delivery time and the lower price.
hope this clarification helps.

PS I am a new member and I have not filled in a profile yet. I will do this now then at least you will know I am a normal member with similar interests

Hi David,

I’m pleased that you had a positive experience as a Tecobuy customer.

Aside from the Trustpilot reviews, there are a couple of other things that raise a red flag for me. domain has no information about where the company is domiciled i.e. there’s no address.

On their website, they state ‘Free shipping to the UK’… so they’re based elsewhere.

When things go wrong with online purchasing, as it sometimes does, it can be incredibly difficult to get any redress from an overseas company. I’ve not done any further research on Tecobuy, but I suspect they’ll be in China/Hong Kong.

That’s why I said ‘be careful’.

And welcome BTW.

On Amazon they are listing DJI Part 2 smart batteries for mavic 2 pro / zoom but I have no idea what the part 2 is about , anyone know what the part 2 is ? they are £104.99 free next day delivery

It’s just a part-number.

DJI number all their accessories and spares as “parts”.


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You’d think the battery might be “Part #2” for all the drones … but for the MP it’s “Part #26”.

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Thanks for all the suggestions. It seems like there are a few options to beat the normal retail price.

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About the only thing they have in stock £109


You know what, I’m far from being a fervent nationalist, but I’d much rather pay a bit more to a UK distributor than some overseas outfit.

And that’s not just because of potential after sales issues. I’m helping a UK business. I’m keeping someone in a job, hopefully.