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Hi there,

Been on here for a little over a month and well I have been a little rude and not said “Hi” or introduced myself. Felt now was as good as time as ever as I have posted a few times and commented and I guess its the proper thing to do.

So …

I am Peter from Tamworth
A keen photographer ( who does not get enough time to do it any more ) but also enjoy the outdoors, mountain biking, running, swimming and now drone flying.

Been toying with the idea of getting a drone for some time and it was an Amazon Prime deal along with some savings from lockdown that made me pull the trigger and WOW I wish I had done it sooner.

I found this site when I came across the Drone Sence site and wow what a tool that is and my hats off to the creators of that useful bit of kit.

Also, wish to think each of you who has passed comment/feedback or advice my way - this site has a great community of very knowledgeable people. Thanks for making me feel very welcome and aiding in building my confidence up exploring new places to fly.


Welcome Peter

Just down the A5 in Walsall so not far away


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@LE60LAD a (three year) belated welcome from a fellow  O|||||||O  fan and also a JoC member :wink:

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Its awesome how different hobbies have paths that cross

Sadly don’t have the Renegade Trailhawk that is in my profile pic any more - it did get an upgrade to a Wrangler Rubicon for a bit but then I had to be sensible and we are back in a Renegade again - this time a Limited 4wd