Best SD card

has anyone got any recommendations on micro SD cards as im in the market for a couple to go in my 03 unit and runcam thumb pro, maybe around the 256Gb ???

And a reputable supplier as I know there is a lot of fake crap out there :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

SanDisk Extreme Pro, all I ever use and get mine form Amazon, never had a problem, I have this is my Air 3, and it was in my Mavic 3 before that, I also have a 512GB, and a few 128GB’s and not one has let me down

Cool thanks for that :+1:t3: just out of interest how many Gb is the average 5 min 4k file ???

1.5 gb ish

There is a school of thought that suggests using several smaller capacity cards over the course of a day’s flying rather than one large one.

Change the card as well as the battery every time you land. That way if things do go very wrong - corrupted card or lost aircraft - you have only lost one flight’s worth of video and stills.

good stout I like it :+1:

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I like a good Guiness myself!