Best sites for showcasing your photos/videos

What is the best place for sharing photos and videos?
For videos I guess it’s either YouTube or Vimeo. Is there a reason to pick one over the other?
Photos, there’s Instagram, but that’s so limiting with the size/ratio. Is Flickr still popular? Any others?

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The answer may depend on your intended audience :thinking:

Friends and family? (Vimeo), Business clients? (Vimeo), Random search audiences / monetisation? (YouTube)

Also, depending on audience, you could create a simple website and showcase your offerings there via embedding and just use those platforms for free hosting of your embedded media.


Yeah, I think YT is fine for video.
I might dig out my old Flickr account and use that for the photos

500px ( is where lot of people moved after Flickr changed their T&Cs and reduced free space. It was gaining popularity already way before that though.

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Are you wanting free or a paid service?

If you have any of Onedrive, Google Photos or Amazon Prime, you can create albums within those and share/publish the link. Downside is it’s one link per album and the Amazon’s prime package is photos only, but unlimited storage.

How long until they change that (like Google did)

Free really. I don’t think I’ll ever be doing this commercially.

Not bothered, I prefer MS, having Prime photos is an optional extra for me :slight_smile:

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