Best use of video footage

Hi guys,

As you may know fairly newbie here and I’ve been doing some lovely recordings on my Mavic Pro Platinum in the vast fields around me of some great wildlife video. After experimenting around I find shooting in 2.7k mode is best as this gives the edge over 1080p and the difference between 2.7k and 4k to the human eye IMO is minimal. Also I’m 2.7k I can use the zoom feature

So based on this above I have 3 questions:

  1. what video resolution do you guys shoot in (and why?)

  2. what’s the best way to show off the capabilities to family and friends of the video you have shot (currently 2.7k) - referring to sharing it with them wether that’s via Facebook messenger, WhatsApp or kik etc

  3. will the video resolution of direct download from memory card to me phone via adapter cable be greater resolution than that if using the video editor built in DJI Go App and doing transfer wirelessly ?

I understand the Pro will broadcast in 1080p over short distances and then downgrade to 720p for longer. I use a IPhone XS Max and also I’ve brought a memory card adapter to connect directly to me phone and download any footage I have taken. So as above when I have this raw footage how’s best to share it with minimal resolution loss ?

Really getting into this and loving it


Which Zoom feature?


I record everything in 4K. I don’t even have a 4K TV though :blush: I always edit and recode to 2k though, but I keep the raw unedited 4K footage on an external USB drive, just in case I ever need to go back to it.

In terms of sharing the videos, I just upload to Vimeo and email them a link (I’m not on any social media now)

The video and photos on the memory card will always be infinitely higher quality that the local cached version on your device :+1:t2:

Well, not infinitely… but lots, anyway :blush:

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I’m assuming the 2x digital zoom, which is mapped to the left/right of the 5D button?

Not sure if that’s by default though, or if it’s something I set years ago and then never changed :thinking:


Probably only applies to the 2016 versions of firmware and Go4? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


That is also entirely possible :wink:

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Hi, it’s the one on the D pad, X2 zoom I believe. It zooms in that bit extra with losing distortion. I believe it’s optical zoom as opposed to digital as the clarity is good.

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Hmmm Vimeo, never heard of that. I’ll have to have a look

No mate, it’s definitely a digital zoom on the Mavic Pro :slight_smile:



Digital Zoom, probably why I never bothered reading up on it lol

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  1. 4k - I like to keep as much quality as possible.

  2. definitely take it from the card via a card reader. I don’t even look at the cache version

  3. I use YouTube. It supports 4k uploads and serves as a free back up for me. Set the links to private as well if you want to krrp it just for you or you can make it just visible to those that you give the link to. WhatsApp and FB will crush the quality.


I record everything in 2.7k for the reasons you state. I did do 4K for the National Railway Museum last summer but they had a hellova job editing it. Simply because it was edited by volunteers who didn’t have the processing power on their computers. The volunteers use their own time and equipment at their own expense so it’s just something that I had to factor in when recording. And at 2.7k it was best compromise


So does YT compared to Vimeo.


Indeed. But the last thing I need is yet another service :joy:


I use YT for unimportant rubbish and Vimeo for anything I’m really proud of.
There’s not much on Vimeo. :wink:

  1. Since I have updated my iMac i shoot just about everything in 4K, unless I want to use the 120fps. The reason I shout in 4K is the same as the others plus you can zoom in during post editing without loosing so much quality.

  2. YouTube mostly and Vimeo occasionally! I would prefer Vimeo but it has more limits on uploads etc. For stills I mainly use Instagram and some on Facebook.

  3. I always record to card rather than cache on phone as I use iPhone and so limited on memory. Also as I always shoot RAW stills now and 4K video is quicker for me just to copy from card direct to hard drive.

But I should add, I thinks you should do what’s best for you, or what you are happy with and then make changes slowly to suit your style. This way, it will make sure you spend more time enjoying the flying and less time in front of a computer screen.


Sorry - that typo made me really chuckle. :rofl: