Best way to take a Time lapse with my drone?

Ok guys, need some help. My daughter in law is the head teacher of a local primary school and as the school is having a major additional building development, is getting the kids involved in documenting the progress and would like some aerial shots to add another perspective.
Not having used waypoints with my mavic Pro, and suggestions as to how to ensure that each time I shoot (once or twice a month) that I always position the bird in exactly the same place to give continuity.
Thanks in anticipation.

I’d use Litchi for that.
You can set up a mission to fly to the same location/height every time, and point your camera in the exact same direction with the exact same tilt each time, and automatically take the photos when in position.

Even better, since you can set up the mission on a computer with a large screen, you could involve the children with deciding where the camera positions should be.

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Thanks for this. Does Litchi work OK with Android?

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Another vote for Litchi :+1:

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Yes - it works fine with Android. Use it a lot of the time myself.

Thirded :+1:t2:

I’m doing exactly the same thing with the new dual carriageway that @LarryDeath is building in my back garden :rofl:

Being able to take repeatable photos not only from the same height and orientation but also from the exact same camera angle every single time is amazing.

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