Beverley Westwood & Race Course

Impromptu mini meet with @paulmouncer & @Banger this morning on the Westwood at Beverley.

Just a quick play and the sky was perfect today, even with the low sun.

All images straight from MP and M2P no post processing, the first 3 shots with the drones in are from the Sony A6500

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Excellent Chris. Good morning out.

Looks like you had fun stuck in the house with man flu :mask:
Plus it’s cloudy and dull

Shorts weather here ;o)

Your legs should have a government health warning…:grin:

Some good shots there, thanks for sharing.

The Westwood must be a good place to fly. Nice and open. Presumably you can get a decent view of the Minster from up there.

I went to University in Hull & had a few drinking sessions out in Beverley.

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Love that second pic of the three drones :smiley:

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