Bicycle Mount


Has anybody any experience of/recommendations for a bicycle mount for the Mavic 2 controller with an iPhone?

Pretty rough road surfaces around here, so would rather pay a little more for something sturdy than go for a budget offering and see the controller bouncing off down the tarmac… but sturdy AND cheap would be even better :wink:

Not looking to be able to do anything fancy whilst riding, just stop, set Active Track (or waypoints, or something), then cycle along for a bit with the controller in sight and easily accessible if needed in a hurry.


If you have goggles, you can keep your controller safely in the backpack, see the telemetry AND not ride into anything because you’d be able to watch where you are going…from above!? Solution?


Ha! I suspect that would require a lot of practice before the open road. And tricky to see the potholes from a moving drone cam :upside_down_face:


However - Epsom Moverio BT-350 ……

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Would still need the controller up front though. If I put it in a pocket it would have to be off to avoid any accidental controllerage…

As an aside, do these augmented-reality goggles get around the problem with goggles, line of sight and needing an observer?


Mounting just the RC (and the BT-350 “box”) is probably/possibly easier than RC+Phone.

Legally/theoretically, I believe they do.
I’ve never actually used the Moverio (but I’d love to try them) to know if that’s actually practical.


the moverio glasses are just like normal glasses with a screen built in you still have line of site through the glasses. simples really. :grin:


Indeed. Know what they are. I was questioning the real practicality of cycling whilst seeing fpv and road/traffic.


well if you give it a go we can then have an in depth discussion about it’s benfits from your nice warm hospital bed while you recover. does that sound like a good idea. :rofl:

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But, it wasn’t me wanting to try. :wink:


RC Geek make one:

Not sure I’d trust it though?

A few on Google Images, I saw one that uses a RAM mount which looked pretty sturdy too.

Can’t vouch for any of them first hand though!


If it is illegal to use a mobile phone when on a public, I am pretty sure it would be illegal to operate a drone, even though you are on a bicycle, I really can’t see how you could do it safely. If you want to do it in a field or a farm track then that’s fine, but on the road?
I’m not a kill joy by any means, so this is just my thoughts.