Bike Mount for RC-N1 Controller

Version 1 printed and ready to test

One slight problem is the hole for the handlebars is 32mm and my bike’s handle bars are 25.5mm

So just designed a spacer in Tinkercad, its now printing

This is a link to the printable files


“Measure twice. Print once” … to modernise a well known saying. :wink:

The Design is from Printables, so its already set at 32mm, I could/have redesigned it but rather than print the thing again I thought I would just make a spacer :grinning:

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Elastoplast. :+1:

Looks pukka, is it very sturdy too hold the iPad ….

First fitment


So which will get you dinged the most: the distracted driving, or the distracted flying?

Probably both :smile:

I do like the clip extender for attaching a 10 inch tablet. This is my bungee solution. Comes with its own shock absorber! The offset is because I’m still using the original DJI connector and that’s as far as it extends.

How well did it work?
Are you happy with the result?

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Only done a test on my drive, it’s not great with an iPad mini but better with a phone

I need to test it properly when I get time

Thanks for the update, I’m interested how you get on when you manage to test it, so please, if you don’t mind, let us know.

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Yes I will post the updates here

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