Bincknoll Castle

A short video of Bicknoll Castle (apparently pronounced ‘Bynol’), just south of Swindon. It’s one of the smaller hill forts around, but worth the trip.

It was pretty wet and muddy walking across the fields to get there today, but it was a peaceful site when I got there. I saw a solitary deer run across the top, down the steep side and into the woods below. Unfortunately, the drone wasn’t up at the time, so wasn’t able to capture it on video.

It was good to get out and the sun shone for a bit :wink:


Great footage
Smooth flying
Enjoyed that👍

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You picked a good time to fly, as the shadows are long showing off the foundations of the old buildings. Nice smooth flying too :clap:

I was there last month with my Mini 2. I walked from Hay Lane through the woods. I believe the name is Bincknoll Castle, but yes, locals pronounce it ‘Bynoll’ :+1: You can also fly from here to view the Broad Town White Horse, 1.4km to the South West - which is inaccesible by foot.

You are quite right on the name. I’ve read that on the map numerous times today and my brain completely failed to notice the additional n.

Title amended


I thought the same with the light, a prime time of day for archaeological surveying! Good drone control, too! I took a look at Broad Town White Horse on Google Maps and was convinced it had been created upside down as the slope it’s on looks to be running down from hooves to head. Further investigation disproved this! Both are interesting sites.

Cheers, both!

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You can see my footage of the horse here which shows the orientation, and also the distance back to Bincknoll Castle.

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