Bird Attack in Heybridge Basin

Bird images only became apparent when I was looking at some video clips of one of my favourite batge at anchored in Hybridge. It did not hit the drone just zipped over


Good job it didn’t hit, or you’d end up with a really big bill

Geez, you never can tell when these things will happen… here’s another bird attack…

Yes you are right, I have seen many birds around the Mini 2 and Mini 3 when I have been flying. This one just caught me by surprise when I was editing some footage otherwise I would never have known. Much like others that have been hit. I may go back frame my frame if I have the time or the guts to do it. Happy flying to all. Looking forward to going diving and my other passion underwater video

I know various types of birds react aggressively to drones. Seagulls are notorious :frowning:

Whoosh. I was making a (bad) joke.
Bill. A bird’s beak is a bill.

But glad it didn’t get damaged

The bird in that image is an Oystercatcher. I’ve had a few encounters with them but normally they are more curious than actually wanting to attack the drone.


Seagulls are pains but you don’t want to be in the close vicinity of a Herring Gull. Those creatures are vicious buggers!

I’ve had more problems with oyster catchers to be honest. Very teritorial birds in the breeding season, both parents will leave their nest and go for you, even if you’re not anywhere close

Interesting how it varies in different locations.

It is a bit, I have had various gulls come pretty close to have a look and then disspapear as soon as they hear the props spinning up so I can move up and away in sports mode. The oyster catchers I’ve pissed off followed the drone about for 15 minute and I couldn’t get rid of the little buggers trying to bring it down.

Now here is the video of multiple birds taking a look in slow motion


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I’ve just posted my attempted solution to bird attacks on this old post by Damocles from jul '21

I suppose I should have posted it here.

As you are probably aware there are manh people who have experienced this. I missed it but only realised during editing.

Thanks try to remember for next time, you have kindly told me before. As i age the memory goes

I get it from time to time… I happened upon a YT vid of an Ozzie bloke who shoots Real Estate and gets bombarded regularly… he tried all sorts of remedies and then settled on one that works (for him) using reflective red tape from Amazon…

He used the rolls of tape, but that needs cutting which is a faff, so I ordered this stuff, I’ll let you know the results… I use Strobon Cree strobes sometimes also and that fends them off

During daylight?

Hi there, yes, during the day, I rarely if ever fly at night

I put flourescent orange tape stripes on mine for better visibility, and the incidence of bird attacks definitely reduced