Bird attack

A bird strike crashed caused my DJI Mini 2 to crash. The birds were circling the drone for about 1 minute, then I suddenly and massively increased altitude, and they didn’t follow. I was bringing the drone back to land and the flock collided with it, causing a loss of control. :frowning: I don’t know what type of birds they were.

So don’t ignore the warning signs…

Was just returning from a mapping mission and was descending to land when I noticed a large Buzzard making a bee-line for my Mini 2 - this is the ensuing evasive action !!
It was definitely foxed by flipping to sport mode and going up, but it tried to keep up with me until I’d reached a lower level :fearful:

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Video or it didn’t happen :wink:

Alas … no video :frowning:

However, would a pair of stained pants do instead ? :laughing:

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Buzzards, and the like, have chicks atm, and they’ll go extreme measures to protect their offspring.

That area looks like prime buzzard real-estate.

I’ve even seen buzzards try and take out a hang-glider. Ripped large gashes in the fabric on the top surface with their beak/talons.

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I really does sound like it :scream::joy: