Black Dicks Monument, Huddersfield

Bit of a tongue in cheek video. I went out early morning and the only place to park was in front of the quarry gates. When I saw a digger heading towards my car I had to land quick and run back :joy::joy:. As a result i didn’t get much footage so added some special effects to spice it up.


I’m starting to make premiere pro tutorials about how I make my drone videos. It’s a slow process though as I’m not a teacher. If there’s any topics you’d like to see a tutorial on, let me know and I’ll work on them!

Colour grading and LUTS please.

Nice one great video enjoyed the story

Neat video.
Like the effects. That would be a good subject for a tutorial.

Well I thought it was good! well done that man. :+1:

Thank you for the comments and suggestions. I’m not sure if it will work, but I’m going to try making a tutorial covering the key areas of my next edit as I make the edit. So, I’ll then be able to post the finished video AND a video covering certain editing techniques I used in the video.

Well, I guess no time like the present. I’ll get cracking on!