Black Friday 40% off Litchi

Litchi app is offering 40% for a limited time!

Now only £13.99

iOS link:

Will see if I can find a droid link…

Android isn’t showing the discount yet, keep an eye on it:

Already use this for Android, great app.

I assume you can use the same account across the different versions?

Across different platforms you mean? iOS to Android?

I would have thought so?

London Camera Exchange Also have a"Black Friday Event On DJI Items"

I’m not sure my credit card can take any more of these Black Friday deals :rofl:

Soooooo much tempting stuff out there :slight_smile:

THIS IS NOT AN ADD , But PAYPAL Do 4 Months Intreats Free Credit

Please Be Careful Though, Only Buy what you know You Can Afford

I do, yes.

Had apps bought on Android before and couldn’t log in on the IOS equivalent.

Does litchi work well on iPad mini 4

It must do, it runs fine on a Mini 2 so the 4 will be beltin!

It is now, marked down to £12.99 on Google Play Store :+1:

I’ve caved in…

Bought Litchi for iPad…

Hope it’ll run on the CrystalSky in the future!

But then I’ll need to buy the Android version then too :roll_eyes:

Will you stop it!! Got me looking now!! :roll_eyes::grin:
There many benefits in it over dji?

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I hope so, I’ve just lost £14 quid otherwise :rofl:

I’m looking forward to the whole automated flying / mission planning side of things, will bring a whole new dimension to my Mavic :+1:

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Job done. Purchased myself. Looks really easy to use.
Will have a go tomorrow and report back

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Missions are great, plan it would n the website first then fly from the tablet