Black Rock nr Cromford Derbyshire

This is the result of my second proper flight with the Mav Mini. It was intended to be a practice flight to get some precision flying skills but as I always record what I do I found I had enough decent footage to attempt a video edit.

I’ve never made a video before so this is all new and I aplogise for the dodgy flying and edititng.



Good effort Dave.

I’ve edited your post, the youtube link should be in a line of its own no spaces

Yours looked liked this so the nice onebox preview wasn’t showing

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Thanks Chris. I had a couple of goes at editing the link nad failed miserably. :rofl:

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Nothing dodgy about that! enjoyed watching that nice music as well fits well. You’re a braver man than me flying the mini like that with no obstacle avoidance lol I’d 100% hit a tree :rofl:

Great video with nice low level flying, I thought you were going to get caught in the bushes a few times and with the cuts I was never quite sure, I’m not sure I would want to try it with my M2P, and liked the reveal at the end, I guess that was Black Rock.

I noticed a dog run by at one point, just be a bit careful with them when low flying I had a Jack Russel come along, leap up and pluck my Tello out of the air, fortunatelly neither the dog or the Tello were damaged, but with a Mini I think it may have been a different matter.

Thanks @DeanoG60 @SkyJumper

The tree branches looked closer than they were. I did have one prang but not in any of the footage here. I was guiding the Mini through a narrow path through the trees when my thumb literally twitched and I touched a small branch and it flipped it over and it plonked nicely on to a pile of leaves on it’s back and shut off. By landing upside down there was no danger to the gimbal.

I was aware of the dog. It came with it’s owners and started chatting to us before that flight. It didn’t try to go for the drone, just curious about the whole thing.

The point of the trip was to practice the low level and close quarters flying. The video was a bonus.
I was quite surprised as to what I could acheive bearing in mind it was only flight no2. The mini is so ridiculously easy to fly. I did customise the joysticks before the flight. I’m happier now I pull back to go up and forward to go down. As I’ve flown for real and on sims muscle memory makes me fly in that config.

Thanks again for the feedback. I’ve got a lot of learning to get up scratch with all you guys on the forum so any positives I get encourages me to try harder.

Cheers! Dave…

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I’ve just realised that my english grammar has just effectively said the dog came up and started chatting not its owners. Doh!!! :rofl:

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Honestly thought you’d been flying for ages based on the footage, well impressed keep it up :+1:t2: :grin:

I’m as noob as you come. :joy: But as I said I’ve done a bit of other flying.

Definitely didn’t come across as noob mate. What editing software did you use? The only thing on the editing side of things that I’d of done differently is added some transitions between cuts to make the flow smoother but other than that its superb and great mellow music makes for a very enjoyable watch :grin:

Also an idea for your next low flying video, maybe set the gimbal settings to FPV for some really cool looking shots, the gimbal will follow the movements of the drone making the viewer feel like they are actually flying through the trees! I’ve been meaning to give low level flying a go myself but haven’t found a suitable location as of yet :grin:

For this I used Windows Video Editor 2000 by Moviezilla. Previously I used the free open source Openshot Video Editor which I get on with but it was putting glitches into the exported video. I’ve tried a few including Adobe Premiere Pro which I really don’t get on with.

Moviezillas’ product is laid out just how I like it with the tools easy to get to. It cost £32 for a lifetime license which is not a huge outlay compared to some .

There are a load of transitions in the software. I tried to use them but failed as I’d only just bought and downloaded the software so I was guessing how they were implemented (guessed wrong).

I haven’t had chance to play with FPV or most of the onboard goodies as I’ve been plodding in cinematic mode and with default settings. I plan to explore all the options in time. At least i’m good with cameras in general so the exposure, white balance, shutter speed, aperture, etc…

So! New to drones. New to cinematic filming and new to video editing. My learning curve is now vertical. :grimacing:

I think i’m going to be busy with this for quite a while. :rofl:

A screenshot of Windows Video Editor 2020

Looks very similar to iMovie for the mac (what I use) iMovie has a translations tab and you just drag and drop them in between the clips then you double click them to open up the options for that transition so you can adjust things like duration and speed. I’m new to all this myself so still learning and I’m enjoying every moment of it :grin: