Blackness & The Bridges

A short film of Blackness Castle & the three bridges spanning the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh filmed at Blackness and North Queensferry.


Most enjoyable - thanks.

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Good stuff John - as usual! :smiley:

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Thanks Barrie :+1:t2:

Thanks Gavin :+1:t2:

More fantastic work @Drumsagard :+1:t2:

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Thanks Steve :+1:t2:

Great job here :ok_hand:

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Thanks :+1:t2:

Great work @Drumsagard . Above all, I love the downwards looking to the castle. The Forth Bridge with the boat and the train passing through are added bonuses.

Thanks for sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Most excellent. Really enjoyed that!

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Thanks @Mind_the_gap and @PurpleWaffle :+1:t2: :grinning:

Very nice :+1:

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Thanks Frank.