Blackpool by night


Nice one - I like that :+1: :+1: :+1:

Great picture - really good.

What drone did you use ?

@Howard78 Mini 2.

Thanks, i have one too. Very impressive images

This is stunning and the Tower looks amazing :+1:

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@Drumsagard thank you.

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Is that still a NFZ ? I was under the impression that the Blackpool airport was now a housing complex.

@Yoolie no the airport is still there, a couple of flying schools, private flights, the air ambulance and the helos for the offshore wind farms use it.


This is great panorama! It shows what can be done with an < 250g drone in an area of interest especially at night.
Beats the usual “round the park” hands down!
More please…

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Love the colours, has it been edited or is it straight from the camera.

@Skyflier stitched and auto corrected in LR.