Blackpool Tower 360


Great shot @Diveuk do they not have any embed options to share it in a nicer way.

@PingSpike any magic you can do?

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Kuula lets you do tours like that (think its designed really for estate agents and things doing virtual tours of houses, but sadly you need a paid account for that

This does not look like a tour, just a ‘straight’ 360

The little arrows on the ground take you to the next shot

I see it now, not on my iPhone though ;o(

Still there might be a way to embed it better here ;o)

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The arrows are just links to other 360’s that have been posted on the 360cities platform, not tours, Kuula does tours but you have to pay a subscription. This platform also gets your pics on Google Earth.

Looks like the embed code is a pay for too,

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I do miss the tower I still after 20 yrs have not been up the tower

I would like to go to the bar

but every year I go to rebellion music 4 day punk and skinhead festival but not last year

perhaps next year I will go up

Looks like a paid-for option :scream:

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Simple way would be to upload to 360cities for google earth and to kuula for sharing elsewhere :slight_smile:

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@milkmanchris unfortunately no, like everything cash is king… :unamused: :neutral_face: :unamused:

For info, just found that you can add notes to points of interest in your panos on this platform.