Blackpool Tower and Comedy Carpet

Blackpool Tower and Comedy Carpet


Great subject Mark, are those images straight from the drone or hand stitched, they seem a little low res when you’re zooming in

Nice one Mark. Have you tried that with a Tiny Planet. It would look good with the tower poking out above the horizon.
When I get a chance, that is something I am planning to try soon.

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It’s the 360 panorama feature from the Mavic Mini 2. I’m not overly impressed with the image quality from still photos. Not sure if there is a way to improve them.

the only easy is to stitch them yourself from the folder of images on the SD card

I did manage to find the single images by accident, might have a look at that as an option.

Is tiny planet an app? In the DJI app it does show as a mini globe which does look very good.

Again stitch up the images yourself.

Or in kuula hit the edit button and little planet option is there

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Keep fairly close to the tower to make it Pop, same with the comedy carpet.

I did one of the River Wyre Hotel for lockdown and it took a few attempts to get it right…

Or cheat with a 360 camera.


Bit murky this morning, had my COVID jab then went for a wander to the front.


Much nicer weather yesterday :slight_smile:


It was like a spring day yesterday, was a bit cold this morning :cold_face:

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Kinda misty this morning :slight_smile:

I wanted to go over the top and look down on it, alas, it is too high :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes, about 40m higher than we are allowed to go :frowning:

It’s a shame about the new regs and distance from things, wonder if you flew a MA2 straight at it, if the MA2 would just keep rising until it flew over it?

Not brave enought to try :sweat_smile: (unless I take my ID off the side)