Blender - An OpenSource 3D Modelling Tool


Evening folks!

Following on my the combination of my adventures in 3D drone mapping, then 3D printing etc…

I thought I’d highlight another great tool some of you might enjoy… Blender.

Blender is a free 3D modelling tool that can be used for drone mapping. Basically you can use something like Pix4D Capture to fly a mission and take lots of photos, then use Pix4D Cloud service or Open Drone Map (see link above) to compute all those photos into a map, point cloud, and 3D model. Then… you can use Blender to edit that 3D model and use its add-on to export the 3D into a single HTML web page which you can upload somewhere and then share with your clients.

Check out this one I made today, give it a chance to load its quite big! Use your mouse to move around and zoom etc.

I made the above by basically doing the following steps:

  • Fly a mission using Pix4D capture app connected to drone.

  • Install Open Drone Map on laptop and upload and process the photos from mission.

  • Take the output files from Open Drone Map once processed and load into blender (ODM outputs a .obj file which you can load into GIS, 3D printer software or blender in my case)

  • Open Blender, install the blend4web add-on and then export the .obj file as a .html single web file.

Et voila! Your 3D drone map is online and ready to view!

I’ll have to work on getting file sizes down to something manageable!




Wow, that is very impressive. I like it.

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At what height was the drone flown for this project?

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120m -Max altitude. Took 22 mins flight time.

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As a 3D artist, I am familiar with Blender - however this is the first time that I have seen it being used for something like this.

That is quite simply stunning - a fine piece of work indeed!!



Thanks! It’s certainly not the most intuitive of tools but pretty powerful! I’m hardly scratching the surface I think!!!