Blenheim Palace Woodstock

Hi All ,

I would like get some photos of Blenheim palace but look in Drone Assist … I think in a FRZ from Oxford airport … but close up to the palace it in. Yellow zone !
So not not sure what flight restrictions?

Be using 249g Mavic Mini 3 Pro …

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You can contact the airport’s ATC, give them the details of your planned flight (time, duration, location, radius, max height, drone model—with a reassurance that it’s <=249g)

If they permit your flight, they would usually ask you to ring before takeoff and end of your flight.

Further you’d need to unlock your drone before the flight.

Also, watch out for the distinction between DJI No Fly Zones and CAA’s official Flight Restriction Zones. I would recommend DroneScene; it’s available to members of Grey Arrows Drone Club.

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Well thank you … great info for me
Be first time to get permission to fly in a FRZ
But how do you unlock on the DJI fly App ?

Aside from the NFZ, Blenheim forbid drones (unless you pay them loads of dosh commercially of course). You’d have to take off some way from the house not to be on their land.

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Personally, not sure (I have a drone that takes off regardless). I think it varies depending on how DJI marked the zone in their own Flysafe database. I understand some areas you can unlock yourself in the field, and others you’d request an unlock, with supporting documentation, ahead of your flight.

Try have a search around the forum, it’s been discussed a few times before.

You can’t till you have contacted ATC and got approval to fly


I meant FRZ of course.

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@PingSpike describes it well Here