Bloody rain

Last night (it was11:15pm) I thought “I know, I’ll change my height setting to x hundred metres…fly straight up from the back garden…take some pictures and come straight down again…”

I’ve recently read the CAA stuff and now believe that height isn’t an issue and anyway, straight up - click click -straight down…I’m cool with that.

It was raining :frowning:

And it had been glorious all day too…

Just got back from 3 days down Woolacombe and didn’t get chance to fly

Bloody British weather was very poor :frowning:

Yes, on the wettest August in ages I have to buy a Mavic. :frowning: Maybe I should’ve got into underwater drones.

I tried that exact same thing two days ago, I couldn’t get my camera to focus for love nor money! There wasn’t that much ambient light where I live (right on the outskirts of a town) Tips welcomed :slight_smile:

There’s an interesting thread developing on that very subject: CAA Drone Code - 2016