Boat launching

Or otherwise know as Brown pants time. My only other dabble with launching a drone from a boat ended in owning a submarine, was only a cheap parrot but all the same nerves were a going a bit.

Hand launch and recovery only way I see it with a M2P. Light breeze 5-8 knots.

This was just as a test while doing rescue duty for local sailing club with a view to a lot more for the events I cover. I think maybe a P4 with the legs would be easier.

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I saw a dji at the weekend that came home and did some sort of recognition thing on its landing mat and it landed spot on. Isn’t there some sort of ground station / homing beacon that a dji could use to alter it’s rth position?

no idea but I wouldn’t trust it on a boat as the boat is always moving even if it was moored

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I’d agree with @lee - especially on a boat that size. :wink:

It’s easy enough to update the home point in a moving boat … and I do if flying whilst walking/trekking … as I pass a new point where I’d let it lend itself in an emergency.

As I would from a boat, I only have RTH set to hover, not to land (until critical battery! … which has never happened to me … yet!)

I’ve only used RTH through necessity once in 2.5 years, and only a few times in laziness, and a few more times in the depths of winter (Sept-May these days) where my hands were totally frozen and needed to hide in my pockets. :wink:

Yeah, I didn’t know if there was a gizmo that constantly changed the home point.

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It is available in certain tracking modes, I believe - on some models, that one might use when in a small dinghy or canoe.

I never use tracking to know the finer details.

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You’re a braver man than me, I have only ever launched from my boat at anchor.
Now, if you want to see how some people do it, I just found this -


That shows how your dji’s really do well. That was a great video!

seen that before, helps if you’re given the drone doesn’t matter if you get it back

Other than you have a few weeks more of the leg before you can get another one, and you are only on the boat to provide media for the global feed. :wink:

That was unreal, an amazing piece of video, he just threw it out and off it went. I was trying to think how they would get it back, good job he had the gloves and jacket on…

probably have a few on board

On a racing boat? No way. Even the crew are restricted as to what they can take with them. Weight is key!

hmmm in this day and age of media wouldn’t be surprised if they had a couple, will maybe ask a couple of questions, i’d be interested to know. have a couple of friends done the volvo

My cousin did the Whitbread in the 80s …. and that was non-stop around the world. Most people would take more clothes for a weekend away that he was allowed for the whole trip.

haha as said have a few friends that have done modern volvo will message and see what they say,