Bodiam Castle, Kent - anyone flown?

Hey everyone,

New to the forum and wondered if you any of you had flown near /viewing Bodiam Castle in Kent?


I think with it being National Trust property there might be issues as they don’t like overflying (whether or not that it is illegal) of their land and properties. Similarly there’s a private steam railway in the area Bodiam to Tenterden and if they are like Bluebell Railway (Sussex) they don’t want drones close. Bodiam is a lovely part of countryside and the stonework of the castle ruins still keeps some of its original majesty.

I’ve seen some footage recently from the castle & also the deserted railway station in one video. I think he said that he was approached by NT staff but it was a positive discussion

I’ve thought about it, but the cost of the 20 minutes of flying that I was going to be allowed there was WAY too expensive!


I am actually planning on going here tomorrow.

According to the thread on National Trust Policy Correspondence do you think I’ll be ok taking off and landing on the public footpath by the castle?

If it is definitely public, and not just public access then yes I believe so. Be sure it’s not their land with granted access though. That is a big grey area as far as rights go.

Hmm, that is what I don’t fully know whether it is public or not, how could I be sure?

Home - FindMyStreet might be able to help.

As long as you do not take off from private land and keep VLOS etc. I am not sure what the issue might be.

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