Borrowpit Lake - Tamworth

Went down to Borrowpit Lake in Tamworth that is in between the Tamworth Snow Dome and Ventura Retail Park.

The sun was behind me most of the time so I could not really get too much footage of the retail park but the lake has a boat in the middle of it for some reason - I believe the sea cadets use it for something. It was a great little vantage point to use for a orbit and helix though it was quite nerve racking flying over water - this was my first time doing so.

Birds were not bothered at all by me and it was only when someone on the other side of the lake arrived with food did they all start to fly to the other side and I felt it was maybe the best time to land and pack up as the wind was starting to pick up.

Mavic Mini :smiley: Starting to get the hang of putting a video together.


I really liked that, well done.

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many thanks - still got to learn from both a flying point of view and the story telling video side of things too.

Nice video. I noticed your landing pad is under the trees, did you land coming in low from the water? I tend to come over my landing spot high then come straight down, so tend to avoid being near trees.

Yeah the trees branches are around 3m-4m above so no issue for take off and then coming into land I was around 1.5m/2m off the lake to fly in to land. I could have had the pad a bit further away from lake edge but then I would have been in the way of walkers so this was the best option for me. But no issue at all.

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Cracking video that, I loved the drones reflection in the water at the end, a very cool shot. Excellent editing as well. Also the dronie at the end was a nice ending hopefully that should earn you the dronie badge :crossed_fingers:t2: @OzoneVibe is the badge master :ok_hand:t2: lol

@DeanoG60 thanks for that - appreciate it - just finding my way both in flying and story telling - I am trying to get a shot of the V that the drone creates on the water as you fly over it but I am a bit scared to go too low incase the Mini thinks I want to land - eeek - but we will work on it a bit more.

As for the Dronie hehe - yeah I knew I needed to have an outro to the video and that was the best I could come up with - think I was waving too long though haha - will work on better ones

Really appreciate the feedback.

No problem, I do love my Mini but I mainly use it for photography in places where I need to be a little more subtle, like my local park lol tend to use my mavic air 2 for videography as it’s a little more capable. But I do love the portability of the mini I usually just chuck it in my pocket if I go out for a walk or anything just incase something comes up like an epic sunset or something similar like really mooding looking clouds lol

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each time I fly the mini I am blown away by how good it is and how usable / stable it is. I think many pro people will use it and the Mini 2 for them shots where they don’t want to attract too much attention or get into them tight spaces.

Yeah it’s a quality little subtle drone that pretty much goes unnoticed :+1:t2:

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