Bosham Hoe Panorama

So finally managed to get to do editing the Bosham photos and this panorama is from 30 images (6x5)


GREAT photo … one that would be far better not compressed so much - the sea areas, particularly, are suffering at full size.

Only 1.25MB for 10,762 x 5,381 … eeek!

Would love to see a version far less compressed … everything else about the pic deserves it. :wink:

trying to keep the memory down! will load another

Perfect! Size does matter!!! :wink:

Now there are ripples on the water …


Says 43MB, too. :+1:


At full res, that would print up beautifully for a wall picture!


Great colours/contrast/etc! :+1:

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Thanks Mate

I am one of those that doesn’t get round to printing my shots - think I need to start as just a waste only on the computer!


When you have your PfCO, shots like that are sellable.



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Who’d you use to print shots? Online service?

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Don’t know - never had one I wanted to print large. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are specialists, but never used.

I have just ordered something off these guys…I’ll let you know!


Please Tom, that one of the main reasons I haven’t, not sure who to use

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@BrianB, where did you fly from? I was down at Bosham yesterday and couldn’t find anywhere with no people

Hi Lee

I know what you mean, especially on weekends with good weather.

I flew from the Chidham side. There is a public footpath that runs along the waterfront. I marked the location on the attached map.


Awesome result. Highly recommended for photographic prints. @OzoneVibe can we ask them for a club discount code?? Best Photo Lab | 2023 TIPA Awards Winner | WhiteWall

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Can you post some photos of the product that show the quality?

Close-up/detail of the print itself, etc?

Was it mounted? Photos of the edging, etc, if it was.

Thanks … then will discuss with @GADC_Committee. :+1:

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Thanks Tom, what finish do you go for? I believe they print on quite a lot of different surfaces?

I didn’t really know what to go for so I chose Lambda Print On Fuji Crystal DP II which is glossy, archival and very nice finish.
I’m gonna take some pics of the print so you can see the resolution


Thanks Tom

It’s about 1m long, unframed. Came in at about £23 all up.