Bounce back

Just getting into this tuning melarky but not understanding some of the terms??.

Could someone please explain what bounce back refers to???

When you do a flip or roll and stop, bounce back is a slight wobble.
I get it with bullnose props…

Hey there. It’s a lot to learn! Bounce back is where you do say, a snap roll and when you centre the sticks you’ll see a slight bounce back in the opposite direction. I had this problem on one of my quads and the esc blew on it and after a new esc it’s not done it? It’s on diff esc firmware. The solution for this is out there explained by people better at tuning than me! Now building a beast class 13” so I’m forced to tune that beast you have to apparently!

:star_struck: @gunja99

Haha yeah flew one a few weeks back. Beautiful thing…costly. gentle, elegant, easy to land… Just avoid gaps. From 1s to 8S… The camera view looks the same haha


I mean a tiny whoop to an xclass all looks the same, don’t go through tight gaps with a x class lol

Yeah it all looks the same through the goggles. But the power and noise. And the thrill of sending a bloody expensive piece of kit! I will post finished quadcopter when completed if anyone’s interested

Oh and mines 12s! May as well go all in

Wow nice, was 8S I flew! It’s so quiet though, far far quieter than a 6S 5inch, or those noisy cinewhoops!