Bournemouth beach, after the crowds have gone

… and the sun has set. The Bournemouth Air Festival, the Red Arrows (and the huge associated NOTAMs) have all been done for another year. These images are from the Southbourne end of Bournemouth beach.

This is looking towards the Isle of Wight, with Hengistbury Head and Christchurch harbour beyond, to the left. The sky was delicately lit on this side. :point_down:

But looking towards Poole and the Purbecks, the sky was more dramatic over the bay. Taken about 10 minutes after sundown. :point_down:


I did try a pano but goodness me it came out weird looking :flushed:

Post it let’s see it may be a setting or something else

ok, but apologies in advance for what I am about to do to your eyes :crazy_face:


Looks like a 180° pano, I’ve never done one of them before

Next time I am out I will have a go and see what it looks like

I put it in Kuula to see what it looks like :grinning:


ooo er, look at that!

Wow, that sky is gorgeous!

What drone are you using? Did you use the ‘in drone’ pano stitching?

It’s weird how deformed it is. I’ve take a few panos, including full sphere ones with my mini 3 pro and haven’t gotten this kind of distortion. It has an occasional glitch where it doesn’t line up perfectly at the joins, but otherwise generally looks pretty good.

Looks totally normal for a 180° pano. Obviously, in Kula, it won’t work quite like a 360, because the other 180° is missing, as well as the lower nadir shots.


Nice shots :clap:

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Great shots of after the show and can’t believe just hours earlier there there were many hundreds of thousands of people on the beaches . The air show was fabulous and there are now available some great red arrow shots from inside their planes which make up for us quite rightly not being able to use our drones.


thank you @martywolfman that is very kind of you.

DJI mini pro 3, and yes in drone pano function, producing the jpeg you see above. Maybe I was too close to the shore, I was a bit nervous about being over the sea.

good to know @OzoneVibe thanks for that. At least it isn’t user error. (Well, this time.)

totally agree @Kpjunk
It was amazing how quickly the crowds just melted away.
And as soon as the flight restrictions lifted, I counted at least 4 other drones in the same beach area. Some flown rather more considerately than others, too.

Great images… I decided to give Bournemouth a miss this year as it’s the same old aircraft. :slightly_frowning_face:

certainly agree there @HantsFlyer
I do think they should rethink next year.

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Lovely shots. I was in Kimmeridge Bay during this sunset. Annoyingly, I’d used all my drone batteries up earlier in the day chasing boats around Swanage!

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Sunset over Poole Harbour/ Brownsea Island before the airshow.

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Nigel Dansen’s video might help,

Nigel Dansen Mavic Pro How I Take INCREDIBLE Drone Photos | DJI Mavic 3 Pro - YouTube