Bracknell Forest Council and drones

Hi, after some advice as there is a lot of conflicting information as to whether I can actually fly any of my drones near my house in Bracknell. Looking here for Bracknell the map itself shows no restrictions in places like Swinley forest, and it some parks near my house, however on reading Byelaws relating to UAV flights - a Freedom of Information request to Bracknell Forest Borough Council - WhatDoTheyKnow and specifically Byelaws.doc they mention “No person shall cause any power-driven model aircraft to take off or
land in the ground.” Does this mean the whole of Bracknell is legally a no fly zone, despite CAA saying flying in the CTR is allowed (CTR ZONES AND DRONES) ? NATS also shows no restrictions NATS UK | UAS Restriction Zones. From the map of members I also see there is not many in my area Grey Arrows Drone Club UK and not sure if this is down to these bylaws? I recently got a DJI Mini 3 Pro so I could fly more regularly as my Phantom is now no allowed in so many areas, but unsure if even the M3P is legally allowed due to local bylaws over CAA restrictions. Any advice gratefully received

Flying is allowed they don’t control the airspace , your problem (if there is a byelaw in place) is taking off and landing from their land.

Looking at the links above, the land they claim to have a byelaw in place is The Greenway Sandhurst Berkshire

yeah according to them this is the only place to fly Flying drones and model aircraft | Bracknell Forest Council. with massive restrictions , who knows days in advance that they want to just go fly their mini drone . Th page references Air Navigation Order 2016 but surely CAP 722 surpasses this. Where you can fly drones | UK Civil Aviation Authority

Just go fly it and see what feedback you get

Lots on youtube

@GraemeD I was only thinking of heading out that way the other day as I’m not to far from Bracknell , for slightly different reasons but I also need to check drone scene and make some further checks , I want to see if I can get up some where but far way enough and get a bit of broad moor but as said need to do a few checks , I don’t want to fly over ( which I won’t ) but see what or if any of it is possible and a good TOAL .

Edit : just checked drone scene , there’s quite a few amber in Bracknell and over the hospital ( which to be expected ) Bracknell not being to far from sandhurst where there is plenty of red zones.

Yes plenty of Red zones in the area with Sandhurst, Blackbushe Broadmore and Farnborough causing a few major no fly zones. I used to live right next to Blackbushe so have not been able to fly my drones from home for a while, and now contemplating if that is even possible here in Bracknell with these laws. Swinley forest seems like a logical option, but not sure if the bylaws mean that is totally off the cards, even with my Mini 3 Pro.

In this context I think I’m right in saying that all bylaws enacted by a council must relate to a specific given area of land and that area clearly stated in the title of said bylaw, as those two in the OP links do. . They cannot be generic in nature to lets say cover the entirity of land owned and administered by that council. Unlike private or charitable entities such as the NT and EH (lets not go there) the council are not allowed to enact blanket bylaws prohibiting the usage of their public spaces.

That’s what i’m led to believe anyway.

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And also in reply to the FOI request the council are obliged to attached ALL bylaws of this nature to the reply, not just the two they have so one can assume they don’t have any others on their books.


If I can be completely honest I’m still learning my self but I’m sure someone on here who has way more knowledge than me will hope fully point you in the right direction , as you know the sub 250 you have more freedom but see what the others on here recommend , you could always try what @milkmanchris said , just fly it and hope to not have to deal with an issue , if you do stumble on a prob just be polite read them or person your rights and then maybe just leave the area , as said I’m still learning and I wouldn’t push you in the wrong direction but I just try to use my knowledge and if it looks good I’ll go for it , if I’m approached “ which I haven’t yet “ then above :point_up:t2: as said !

I’m sure you’ll find some where suitable quite close :+1:t2:

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